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When [Body] is selected in [Group], items for importing body parts for 3D characters and storing and managing various settings are displayed.

This section describes the functions of the [List] and [Command Bar]. For information on other functions, see "Functions of the Character Con­figuration Palette" .

(1)   Body folder

The folder where all [Body parts folders] are stored. Multiple [Body parts folders] can be imported and managed in the [Body folder]. It is not possible to delete the [Body folder] or change its name.

(2)   Body parts folders

The folders created when 3D files for bodies are imported to the [Body folder].

Click [Visible/Invisible] for [Body parts folder] to toggle between displaying and hiding the corresponding body parts in the [Document] window. Only one type of each body part can be displayed at a time. Double clicking the folder name allows you to enter a folder name. The folder name input here is displayed in the settings screens in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Each folder contains [Surface material information], [Additional texture], [Physics settings] and [Shape] settings.

(3)   Surface material information folder

The folder for managing and storing the textures used as the base for bodies.

(4)   Surface material

Preset surface materials for 3D files. Texture images may be linked to surface materials.

(5)   Additional texture folder

The folder for managing textures pasted using tools such as the [Paste texture] tool. Multiple textures can be stored.

(6)   Texture (Paste texture)

The texture image pasted to the body parts. Textures are created by pasting a texture to a body using the [Paste texture] tool. Double click­ing allows you to enter a texture name.

(7)   Physics settings

Click this to configure the settings for the applied physics in the [Character information] palette.

(8)   Shape

When a 3D file containing shape settings is imported, this can be clicked to display the settings of the shape in the [Character information] palette.


The displayed shape settings vary depending on the imported model. Shapes can be previewed in CLIP STUDIO MODELER, but operations for shapes cannot be performed in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Command Bar
(1)   Add new

Cannot be used.

(2)   Add from file

3D files for bodies are imported in the [Character configuration] palette.

File formats that can be imported

Files in CLIP STUDIO MODELER format (extension: csmf), fbx, 6kt, 6kh, lwo, obj

(3)   Add from material

Materials in the [Material] palette can be added to the [Character configuration] palette.

Clicking these displays the [Body] dialog box. Select a part in the [Material] palette and click [OK] to import the part.


Materials are not displayed in the [Body] dialog box if there are no materials that can be used as [Body parts].

(4)   Duplicate node

Duplicates an item selected from the [List]. Textures in [Body parts folders] and the [Additional texture folder] can be duplicated. Other items cannot be duplicated.

(5)   Delete node

Deletes an item selected from the [List]. Textures in [Body parts folder]s and the [Additional texture folder] can be deleted. Other items cannot be deleted.



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