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Allows you to configure how to correct a pen touch.


Some settings may not display depending on the selected tool or sub tool.

(1)   Sharp angles

When turned on, drawing a line with corners makes the corners pointed.

(2)   Stabilization

Set control over blur of tablet. The larger value is, line gets smoother. The smaller value is, line is drawn as you draw.

(3)   Adjust by speed

When on, stabilization will be applied after a certain speed threshold.

(4)   Correction method

When [Adjust stabilization by speed] is turned on, you can choose a stabilization mode.

Increase stabilization when drawing slowly

Increases stabilization the slower the pen moves. This will stabilize small shakes when drawing slowly.

Reduce stabilization when drawing quickly

Decreases stabilization the faster the pen moves. This will fix lagging lines.


Setting [Stabilization] to 30 or higher will disable the [Increase stabilization when drawing slowly] setting under [Stabilization mode].

(5)   Post correction

Toggles post correction on and off, and adjusts the strength of post correction. Post correction is a correction made after a line is drawn. Smooths the line after it is stabilized.


When working with vector layers, the larger the value for [Post correction], the less will be the number of control points.

(6)   Adjust by speed

Adjusts the strength of [Post correction] by the speed of the stroke.

(7)   Adjust by scale

Adjusts the strength of [Post correction] by the display ratio of the canvas.

(8)   Bezier curve

When turned on, the line after post correction becomes a quadratic Bezier curve. When turned off, the line after post correction becomes a spline curve.


·When [Bezier curve] is turned on, line correction becomes similar to that used in Manga Studio or IllustStudio.

·When [Bezier curve] is turned on and a line is drawn on a vector layer, the control points and direction points on the [Bezier curve] can be displayed by selecting the line with the [Object] sub tool or [Control point] sub tool .

(9)   Taper

Changes the length by which a line is continued when drawn by gradually decreasing the pen pressure.

When the value is large, the line follows the pen by becoming thinner even after the pen is released from the tablet as if it were drawn with a brush with long tip.

(10)   Enable snapping

When turned on, drawing snaps to a ruler. Snap to ruler can be toggled on/off only for certain sub tools.


When using a drawing-type tool, snap to special ruler other than guide is not possible.

(11)   Vector magnet

When turned on, drawing on a vector layer snaps the drawing to a line drawn before. Depending on the type of line, lines are consolidated into one. An indicator or slider allows you to adjust the strength of the snap.

(12)   Snap to default border

When turned on, drawing a figure and the like snaps it to the default border.



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