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You can adjust the following settings in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette when an 2D camera folder is selected with the [Object] sub tool.

You can configure the following settings when selecting layers and layer folders that have [Enable keyframes on this layer] turned on.

(1)   Layer opacity

Configures the opacity of the layer.

(2)   Previous keyframe

Moves to the previous keyframe for the [Opacity] setting for the selected frame on the [Timeline].

(3)   Add/delete opacity keyframe

·Click this to add a keyframe to the [Opacity] on the [Timeline] palette.

·If you change [Opacity] settings, a diamond icon (♦) will appear and a keyframe will be added to the [Timeline] palette.

·If you click the box when it has a diamond (♦), the icon will disappear and the keyframe will be deleted from the [Timeline] palette.

(4)   Next keyframe

Moves to the next keyframe for the [Opacity] setting on the [Timeline].



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