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About AI features

When using the following features, the image data is uploaded to an AI server that interprets the data and processes the image.

Pose Scanner

·"Pose Scanner (image) (Technology preview)"

·"Pose Scanner (camera) [Tablet/Smartphone]"

·"Pose Scanner (photo library/storage) [Tablet/Smartphone]"

Remove tones

·"Delete tones from selected layer"

·"Change tones to grayscale"


·"Colorize all"

·"Use hint image and colorize"

·"Use more advanced settings"

Data is managed in the following way when using AI features.

·When using these features, personal information such as the product serial number or Clip Studio account will not be uploaded to the server.

·After the process is complete, the uploaded data and the generated data are completely deleted from the server, and Celsys does not retain any such data.

·Celsys temporarily retains the User data and resulting data until the function's process is complete and the data is deleted. During this period, all intellectual rights to the data is retained by the user. The image data is not released outside of Celsys.



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