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Touch gesture

Configure settings related to touch gestures.



When using macOS, you can use touch gestures with the trackpad or the macOS Sidecar function.

(1)  Use tools with finger

Turn this on to use tools with your finger.

(2)  Canvas operations

You can assign the following touch gestures as operations for the canvas.

·Single swipe [Windows/Tablet/Smartphone]

·Two-finger swipe

·Two-finger pinch

·Two-finger rotation

·Two-finger tap [Windows/Tablet/Smartphone]

·Three-finger tap [Windows/Tablet/Smartphone]

·Press and tap [Windows]


·When [Use tools with finger] is turned off, you cannot use [Single swipe].

·Selecting [Single Swipe] in [Single Swipe/Long press] allows you to assign different tools for touch gestures and pen input. To learn about these settings, refer to "Modifier key settings [Windows] [PRO/EX]". The Tablet settings are the same.

·If a touch gesture is disabled, it cannot be used on the canvas.

(3)  Palettes [Windows/Tablet/Smartphone]

The following touch gestures can be set as operations for palettes.

·Two-finger tap

·Three-finger tap

·Press and tap [Windows]


If a touch gesture is disabled, it cannot be used in Clip Studio Paint.



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