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Imports an audio file to a new audio layer (audio track). Clip Studio Paint can import 8-bit or 16-bit uncompressed WAV format files, MP3 files, and Ogg files.


Audio files cannot be imported if the animation timeline is not active.

1Select the frame from which to start playing the audio file in the [Timeline] palette.


2Select the [File] menu > [Import] > [Audio]. In the dialog box that appears, select an audio file.

3An audio track will be created on the [Timeline] palette and the audio clip is created on the selected frame.



·Audio clips can be edited like normal clips. For details on editing, see "Clip operations".

·For details on editing audio files, see "Keyframe settings".

·Audio files (extensions wav, mp3, ogg) can also be imported by dragging and dropping them on the document window.

·Imported audio files can be listened to in the [Item bank] palette. For details on the [Item bank] palette, see "Functions of Item bank Palette".

·Multiple audio files can be loaded into audio tracks (layers). However, to play multiple audio files in the same frame, you will need to create an audio track (layer) for each audio file to be played. For details on how to cre­ate audio layers, see "Audio".



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