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Adding an outline to text [PRO/EX]

Edges can be added to text using [Object] in the [Operation] tool.


Edges can also be added to text using [Border effect] in the Layer Property palette. However, if this is applied to text in a balloon or with a background, the edges are added to the balloon or background, not the text.

1On the Tool palette, select the [Operation] tool.


2Open the Sub Tool palette and select [Object].

3Click above the letter you want to edit. Handles are displayed around the text.



Edges are added to all text within the handles. They cannot be added only to specific characters.

4Click [Sub Tool Detail] on the Tool Property palette.


5When the Sub Tool Detail palette appears, adjust the settings as follows:


(1)  Click [Text].

(2)  Turn on [Edge] and set the edge width using the slider.

(3)  Click the color display for [Edge color] and select the edge color from the [Color settings] dialog.


(4)  Edges are added to the text.



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