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Symmetrical ruler

To create a [Symmetrical ruler], proceed as follows.

1On the Layer palette, select the layer where to create the ruler.

2Select the [Ruler] tool from the Tool palette.


The initial configuration of the sub tools has been changed from Ver.1.6.2. For those who are used to a previous version of Clip Studio Paint, this operation is now performed by selecting the [Figure] tool and then selecting [Create ruler] on the Sub Tool palette.


3Select the [Symmetrical ruler] sub tool from the Sub Tool palette.



You can configure the ruler destination in [Create at editing layer] on the Tool Property palette.

·If [Create at editing layer] is turned on, the ruler is created in the layer being edited.

·If [Create at editing layer] is turned off, a layer is created at the bottom of the Layer palette, and the ruler, cre­ated there.

4On the Tool Property palette, configure the number of the lines of the symmetrical ruler, etc.



For details on the setting items in the Tool Property palette, see Create symmetrical ruler in the “Clip Studio Paint Tool Setting Guide.”

5On the canvas, drag from the starting point to the end point of the ruler.

The ruler is created.


Creating a ruler displays a ruler icon on the Layer palette.




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