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Importing 3D Materials

In addition to 3D materials registered in the [Material] palette, you can import 3D files in the following formats.

File formats that can be imported

CLIP STUDIO 3D Character format (extension: cs3c) (*), CLIP STUDIO 3D Object format (exten­sion: cs3o) (*), CLIP STUDIO 3D Background format (extension: cs3s) (*), fbx, 6kt, 6kh, lwo, lws and obj


Files in ccr format, ccrx format and m3c format distributed at the Creative Activity Support Site "CLIP" cannot be imported.

1Select the command

Select [File] menu → [Import] → [3D data].

2Select the image file

In the displayed dialog box, select the 3D file to be added and click [Open].

3The layer is added

The 3D file is imported to the canvas and a 3D layer is added to the [Layer] palette.


·3D files can be imported only to the canvas. They cannot be imported to a [Material] palette.

·You can also import 3D files by dragging and dropping a file to the canvas.

·3D materials compatible with Version 1.5 (extension: c2fc, c2fr) can be imported by dragging and dropping the file to the canvas.

·3D files imported to the canvas are registered in the [Item bank] palette. However, 3D materials compatible with Version 1.5 (extension: c2fc, c2fr) are not registered to the [Item bank] palette.



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