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Drawing Comic Frames

You can draw in comic frames effectively by knowing how the layers overlap.


Drawing Inside a Comic Frame

Create a layer in the frame border folder and draw on it.



For details on how to create Layers, see "New Layer".

When drawing on a layer inside a frame border folder, as the comic frame is masked, only the areas within it will be shown.

Even if you draw outside the comic frame, the part that extends beyond it is not shown.



·If you move an outside layer into a frame border folder, any part of your drawing that extends past the comic frame will be hidden, but the drawing will not be lost.

·For details on how to draw outside a comic frame, see "Drawing Outside a Comic Frame".


Drawing Outside a Comic Frame

To draw beyond the comic frame, create a layer above the frame border folder. Layers created above a frame border folder will display any­thing drawn outside the comic frame. The same method can be used when drawing characters that overlap multiple comic frames.


To avoid comic frame lines showing underneath your character, create a layer with white painted in these areas between the line art layer and the frame border folder.




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