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Sub tool palette

The [Sub tool] palette displays when [Window] menu → [Sub tool] is selected.

Each tool comes with preset settings called [Sub tool].

Each button has a sub tool assigned. Click to change the [Tool Property] palette settings.
Depending on the palette, you may click [Group switch] to display the sub tools of a different group.

(1)  Switch Group

Switch between groups of tools, for tools with multiple groups.

(2)  Sub Tool

This is a list of sub tools included in the group. Select sub tools from here.

(3)  Import sub tool material

The [Import sub tool material] dialog is displayed, and materials downloaded from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS can be loaded.


For details on the [Import sub tool material] dialog box, see "Sub tool Palette Menu".

(4)  Duplicate sub tool

Displays the [Duplicate sub tool] dialog box to copy the currently selected sub tool. For details, see "Sub tool Palette Menu".

(5)  Delete sub tool

Deletes the currently selected sub tool.



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